At a Turning Point: Mid-Sized Cities in Ontario ~ Evergreen

At a Turning Point: Mid-Sized Cities in Ontario ~ Evergreen

By Jo Flatt

When we think about city-building, it’s the so-called “global cities” that come to mind – Toronto, New York, Paris, Tokyo.

But it’s time we talk about mid-sized cities.

A look at urban dynamics across Ontario’s urban areas reveals the potential for mid-sized cities and suggests a critical area of study. Evergreen’s Mid-Sized City Program, created the Mid-Sized Cities Research Collaborative to fill an important research gap by putting forward resources and evidence to support decision-makers and city-builders at municipal, provincial and federal levels of leadership. The Collaborative’s first output, Leveraging Ontario’s Urban Potential: Mid-Sized Cities Research Series, presents an inter-disciplinary perspective by young and established scholars on themes specific to a mid-sized urban scale.

This research series is also a useful read in advance of CityAge’s upcoming conference in Hamilton where we will host our first conference focused on the needs of mid-sized cities across North America.

Read more about Evergreen’s work on mid-sized cities here.