Innovate Now to Make Your Billion

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Billionaire Jimmy Pattison, now in his eighties, has simple advice for anyone trying to make it big: Embrace innovation, or be left behind. 

The sage advice came from Pattison three years ago in an interview with The Globe and Mail:

“When I first started you could adapt fairly reasonably in a time period,” he told the Globe, in a series called The Innovative Mind. “But today with technology, it can change so quickly and many businesses become obsolete. It’s that whole idea of change and the speed of that change. . . .

“It’s quite normal to hear of a change and see it as a problem but it’s probably an opportunity, depending on how quickly you can adjust…

“Today, it’s a world of innovation and rapid change so it’s important to have an attitude of openness and to be willing and ready to give up the things that got you where you are,” he said. “I’m not talking about the fundamentals, but an attitude to adapt on a daily basis.”

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