Our gloomy self-driving future

Our gloomy self-driving future

The venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz recently posted a presentation on the state of self-driving cars. Their predictions are made in exactly the spirit you’d expect from Silicon Valley: our driverless future is exciting, promising, and unavoidable. 

Except, is it? 

The technology is certainly moving fast. But is our culture? Here’s another take, this one from Lexus:

The future still looks good, of course; this is a sales pitch. But now our “driver” is nostalgic, even gloomy. “The exhilaration is gone”, he tells us.

Here’s a problem with the breathless technology predictions about impending self-driving cars: many people like to drive.

Autonomous technology enthusiasts predict human driving will be illegal within a decade. But if you think Donald Trump is causing controversy, just wait until the government tells people they can’t drive their cars. 

The fight for the future may be just getting started.