Why CityAge is headed to Hamilton this May

Why CityAge is headed to Hamilton this May

A new kind of city is being built across Canada and the United States.

Places once defined by a single industry are building innovative and inclusive new economies. Towns and cities are partnering with business, colleges and universities to catalyze talent and build social equity, renew their urban spaces and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient future.

Join us at CityAge: Hamilton on May 23 & 24, 2017

Millions of Canadians and Americans live in these cities and towns. The actions they are taking to transform their local communities and economies is essential to all of our futures.

On May 23rd & 24 CityAge will be proud to gather the leadership network shaping this vital transformation.

This special edition of CityAge is focused on mid-sized towns and cities. It will gather a set of speakers and delegates from across North America to look at the replicable examples of how we can build a more prosperous and inclusive future.

CityAge is delighted to partner with McMaster University and Evergreen to identify the opportunities, ideas, partnerships and investment models essential to building – and re-building – our towns and cities.

Learn more at: http://www.cityage.org/hamilton.